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Discovering HOPE...
In a hopeless world

Dr. Mindi Lunday

Dr. Mindi Lunday has a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a Master’s in Education. She is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, having been trained in, and practicing play therapy since her practicum days of graduate school.

Dr. Lunday was trained to integrate biblical principles into her psychological approach and practices from a faith-based perspective. She has earned multiple certifications, including EMDR, Trauma Counseling, Addiction Counseling, and certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), a crisis/trauma intervention program.  In addition to her certifications, she has received extensive training in the Biology of Trauma and the Autonomic Nervous System (Fight/Flight/Freeze response), giving her the ability to integrate the physical and psychological responses to trauma in her therapeutic approach. Although integrative, which means she pulls from many psychological theories, her primary therapeutic approaches include Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Attachment Theory, Child-Centered Play Therapy, EMDR, and Family Systems.


Counseling From A Psychological & Biblical Perspective

Our Purpose is to Bring Hope to the Hurting and

Healing to the Broken Through the Power of God

Faith Based

Research demonstrates better well-being, with lower depression and anxiety levels, for those who incorporate spirituality into their lives. Faith-based counseling provides a holistic approach, incorporating both the spirit and the mind, in the healing process.

Marriage & Family

A family’s patterns of behavior influence the individual. Even if only the individual is in therapy, patterns, and systems within the family are included in the treatment plan. Marriage and family therapy is solution-focused, specific with attainable therapeutic goals, designed with the “end in mind”. 

Life Coach

A Life Coach will walk you through issues, setbacks, defeats, roadblocks, and the pothole of life, not as a counselor or therapist, but as a peer and trained coach.  Another set of eyes, another perspective, to help you see where you want to go and how you can get there.  It's a time of discovery.  


Trauma is a deeply disturbing experience that causes severe physical or psychological harm.  Trauma is subjective and relies on a person’s response to an event as opposed to the event itself.  A person’s response to trauma, and the reason people respond differently, is due to development, previous experience or trauma, and current stability, among other things. 

Play Therapy

Through play and a trained therapist, the child is able to communicate and/or work through the internal struggles and establish healthier ways to deal with the struggles of life, lowering anxiety, depression, and inappropriate behaviors.


Many things influence the development of an addiction, and they are all inter-related.  That is why we use an integrated approach to treating addictions.  We will take a look at how your family history and personal experiences, cultural factors, interpersonal relationships, and your faith inform your decisions. 

Now Offering Biofeedback

Our Life Coach, Gary Brown has completed training in the L.I.F.E. System, an advanced electro-physiological biofeedback device. It is the latest generation of biofeedback programs and uses the most advanced biofeedback technology to identify stress potentials and help manage psychological and emotional stress responses.  Biofeedback has been used successfully for years in managing anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD, as well as just helping to manage daily stress.  Give us a call with your questions and to schedule a session with Gary. Be sure to ask about our package deals.


The desire to seek counseling is a courageous one that invests in the fabric of your future. Just looking into counseling demonstrates a desire for change, and I am here to guide, encourage, teach, and support you as you take the steps toward healing.

Don’t waste another day... take that next step and schedule an appointment and let’s get started in this journey of hope!

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